Intelligence Identification Limited is a SPV formed to hold and develop a series of specialist applications (the "iDent" family), the first of which is Terror-Ident™. These applications are designed to show if an individual or entity has either advertently or inadvertently been touched, associated or involved with either terrorist or organised crime finance.

Terror-Ident™ is a commercial, restricted access and secure database. Terror-Ident™ allows clients, who are engaged in value transfer services, to check whether they have a relationship (either wittingly or unwittingly) with any person or entity that has been placed on one of over 45 Terrorist or Organised Crime watch lists. It will be an important tool in KYC procedures.

Terror-Ident™ is risk specific and unique. It has been designed and tailored for businesses undertaking value transfer services.

Terror-Ident™ allows clients to interface their databases against the data held by Terror-Ident™ and to check, on a continual basis, if any of their contacts/relationships are identified as having been placed on an accredited “watch list”.