We offer three core product lines, tailored towards individual requirements, so as to provide a bespoke and comprehensive service. A brief synopsis of these products and services can be found below.

Security Risk Management

The basic skill of security risk management is the ability to complete a risk analysis and use the results to produce sensible and cost effective procedures to reduce and or counter the risk. This skill is a core discipline within ISSL and it is used in all tasks and included;

Support to developers requiring security input to their projects. This runs from advice to architects and engineers who are building facilities that are required to have security of the highest standards including those to be used by government departments and for the management procedures to be developed and managed to ensure the standards are met.

Advice to marine vessels in hostile situations covering both piracy and transit through war zones in the Gulf of Aden. This includes vessel “hardening”, crew training, the deployment of specialist ISSL security teams both armed and non-armed for crews manning the vessels in the danger areas. This service is managed by Infinite Security Solutions Limited based in Singapore.

The management of Close Protection (CP) Teams for the Principals and families of high net worth individuals who require risk reduction and support as they travel.

Business Intelligence and Investigations

Focused on recovering assets and determining culpability, ISSL offers a corporate investigations service to mitigate revenue loss arising from fraudulent activity. Utilising both human and IT resources to identify, analyse and investigate problems, ISSL has successfully resolved a number of complex frauds in a wide range of business sectors. Our network of associates and staff enable us to act promptly and with the utmost discretion to protect our client’s interests. Much of ISSL’s success comes from the ability to utilise other skills rather than just open source research.

ISSL has a track record of complex investigations in numerous countries. These investigations have taken place in the UK, US, Europe, the Caribbean, Russia and other countries of the Former Soviet Union (FSU) and Africa.

Our experience over many years has allowed us to accumulate information and understanding about groups of people who have a track record of both facilitating and taking part in fraudulent activities. This has allowed us to be able to support clients on an immediate basis when they have been targeted and allowed us to identify a potential threat and to advice the target before the action takes place.

Information Technology & Forensics

Information Technology has become key in today’s business environments, as such is more popular vector of attack, data theft, fraud or failure. It is more important than ever for organisations to be fully aware of all the possibilities that technology provides to secure your infrastructure before something serious happens, or to help recover and identify leaks and or misuse of valuable corporate assets be that virtual or physical.

Forensics becomes in valuable in the case of data theft, deletion or destruction. As no information is really ever truly gone, just hidden from our view, Forensic reconstruction of data from hard drives to flash disks can provide that vital information that can lead to recovery, conviction or just peace of mind.

ISSL has access to a broad range of services from full forensic investigation teams to network penetration, individual tracking to full background history including internet histories (even when it’s been removed)