John Wick

After retiring from the British military, John Wick formed ISSL in response to growing demand for high quality, bespoke security and insurance solutions from both individuals and corporations.

John has successfully blended core security and insurance disciplines to provide a truly unique offering for clients. He continues to develop new products and services to reflect the ever-shifting challenges facing ISSL’s customer base.

The UK MP’s Expenses Scandal

Driven by a strong sense of civic duty and the public interest, John was the person responsible for ensuring that secret and censored information that formed the basis of the MPs Expenses Scandal saw the light of day.

There had been considerable public and press interest in the expenses claimed by Members of Parliament, but – despite numerous requests for transparency via Freedom of Information legislation – the parliamentary authorities consistently stonewalled enquiries.

John arranged for this crucial information to be passed to The Daily Telegraph – on the strict condition that the newspaper covered all MPs and not just certain members of certain political parties. The identity of the ultimate source would always remain confidential and, indeed, the anonymity of the source has been protected to this day.

The result of the exposure of parliamentary avarice was a complete change in how MPs are scrutinised and held accountable by the public.

Read the John Wick story online at The Daily Telegraph.

Adrian Sutcliffe (Sooty)

Adrian ‘Sooty’ Sutcliffe gained his maritime security experience while serving with the Royal Marines and with the UK’s Strategic Maritime Interdiction Unit. Adrian’s security expertise is complemented by his business and commercial experience. He has played a significant role in developing ISSL’s Defence Against Piracy (DAP) programme. Among his other responsibilities, Adrian executes International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) courses for Lloyd’s Register, in addition to various other ISSL security activities.

Adrian is based at the ISSL Singapore office.

Michael Chandler

Having taken relatively early retirement from the military, Michael Chandler has used his skills in a variety of recent conflict situations – countering terrorism, managing security requirements and coordinating stabilisation issues. He has chaired the monitoring group mandated by the UN Security Council to oversee the implementation of sanctions imposed against the Taliban and al-Qaeda network. Michael continues to be actively involved in the fight against international terrorism, particularly in the areas of terrorism financing and integrated border management. He is also keenly interested in national security policies and improving inter-agency coordination, as well as exposing the nexus between crime and terrorism.

Michael is based at the ISSL representative office in Germany.

Kashif Moazzam

Kashif Moazzam has extensive experience in software development, distributed networks, reverse engineering and project management. Prior to joining ISSL, he ran his own successful software development company which specialised in designing and developing secure data solutions for government systems, as well as corporate gaming. In addition to providing secure technology solutions, Kashif is an expert in data analysis and information flows. Having worked on several ISSL investigative projects, his unique background has helped the company further develop its internal investigations methodology and refine its data collection and analysis offering. Kashif has also helped ISSL deliver content to clients via innovative, state-of-the-art methods.