ISSL’s unrivalled skill set is rooted in the vast experience of its founder and staff. The team has built and refined these skills over many years in advising the insurance community on risk reduction, while also supplying valued clients with crucial business intelligence. ISSL has a proud track record of completing important investigations and asset recovery exercises on behalf of its customers.

And ISSL does not stand still. The company is at the forefront of developing new solutions to counter risk in a range of areas.

These have included:
•The formation of Safe Havens. A secure high net value transportation infrastructure in the Former Soviet Union (FSU)
•The ability to write ‘short tail’ insurance via service companies to cut ‘premium leak’ to third parties


ISSL’s founder John Wick developed the company’s intellectual property more than 20 years ago. And, over the last two decades, John and his team have won an outstanding reputation in the security industry for: