Expenses Scandal

The UK MP’s Expenses Scandal

John Wick, the Managing Director of ISSL, was the person responsible for getting the information that became the MP’s Expenses Scandal into the public domain. For some considerable period there had been public interest in the expenses MP’s claimed but despite various requests via the Freedom of Information, the authorities at the Palace of Westminster consistently stone walled the requests.

Wick arranged for the information that was given to be published by the Daily Telegraph across all political parties with the understanding that the identification of the Source/s would never be given. Although the story still runs today this anonymity is still true

The result of the exposure has been a complete change in how MP’s are scrutinised and how they are held accountable by the public.

Read the John Wick story online at The Daily Telegraph 21 May 2009.

Article written on the 24 June 2009 for the Daily Telegraph

Article written by John Wick in the Daily Telegraph 26 Sept 2009

Read the John Wick story online at The Times. (Requires registration)